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False Teachings
A Kingdom of Heaven Community Search USA (John 3-17)

John 3-17 - Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save the world.

          Come in peace to bless each individual in the human race with knowledge and prosperity. Naysayers and advocates of lawlessness must leave. True Christians do not practice lawlessness including government insurrection. Our people do cross lawful boundaries at times and must be justly rebuked as others are to be rebuked while considering all extentuating and mitigating circumstances. It is those who believe they our God's people who will harm us more than any other group.

          Nonbelievers are frequently more righteous than we. A true kingdom of heaven group will not practice lawlessness nor foricibly convert nonbelievers including their grown descendents. We are a peaceful, benevolent, nonsupremist, nonpaternalistic, nonpatricarchal, law abiding community who needs law and true justice carefully nurtured. We cannot survive an absence of justice unless we are truly seeking the kingdom of heaven first. Work lawfully, truthfully, and respect/love others continually.

          Peaceful and truthful comments are welcomed which will support the kingdom of heaven search. No profanity, no defraudment including false teachings, no defamation, no hate, and no degradation of humanity or an individual or group is permitted. We may speak the truth in love with all only.

An Invitation to Believers and NonBelievers

Please send your  favorite web links in support of the Kingdom of Heaven and in support of those who seek mercy, truth (fact), justice, and faith/point of view as a free will choice for the biologically mature.  I would like to add them to the website's links page.  I also encourage others to develop their own blogs, websites, and lists of facts too!


All who freely choose to do so may also become seekers of the Kingdom of Heaven including NonBelievers. 

NonBelievers are well loved by our God - they are frequently more righteous than we who are born in His Household.  Jesus said the righteous need no saviour as they are saved already but those who seek shall eventually find.  NonBelievers might consider seeking "vote with your feet" communities that I refer to as "Greater Sanctity and Safety" communites which are much like the Kingdom of Heaven Communities but where only the "righteous" and non-injurous faiths and others may prosletyze and practice their faith/point of view lawfully.  Our God is a God of free will decision for the adults.  (Mothers are the "chief priests" of minors who must tenderly care for their young lawfully.)  Our God sincerely desires NonBelievers to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven but they are free to seek what they find best.  It is hoped that we would need few categories of the "vote with your feet" communities and that our God and Jesus Christ may be welcomed in all.

For America, "In God We Trust" stands legally.  Whatever is of socially redeemable worth may be spoken and practiced.  The true way of our God is mercy, truth (fact not fiction), justice, and free will decision with accountability for the mature adults.  Our God is the liberator of all and desires true justice and mercy for all.  Our God has commanded that there be no lack nor need among the nations and their people.  The US Constitution requires such protection and provision.  Our false teachers and the under-informed in the Christian community have usurped the US Constitution.  Those with knowledge must put sovereigns back in control of providing for each individual within their communities.  The sovereigns of Earth are also the elect of our God and they have their duties as priests and prophets have theirs.

Hear O Israel, we Christians are Jews too though many of our people do not know it.  Christ said that salvation is of the Jews and that none would come to him except by way of the Father and that none would go to the Father except by way of him.  You are the Father's firstborn and are well loved.  You are also invited to the Kingdom of Heaven in great joy and thanksgiving.  Thank you for your light! 

Glad Tidings:  No one is a false teacher unless they have willfully decided to become one.  The law of our God does not execute until death the under-informed who sincerely believed they were working with the truth.  Those who believe falsehoods regarding the facts of our Faith or the physical world and who are found too injurous can be required to leave the Kingdom of Heaven communities including Israel.  The Kings of Israel did this repeatedly through history as their righteous tried to regain control of their government.  We are a "weightier matter" community and work step by step to avoid needless oppression and confusion. 

Those who are too young to marry before our God do not have the moral accountability of the mature adult.  The age of marriageability is no earlier than age 25 to 28 years and it could be anywhere from age 32 to 40 years.  Christ may have died while still a child.  Mary insisted he was ready for the ministry after he objected twice. A  Hebrew child could be executed for disobedience.  Never practice false humility.  Those with knowledge may not invite the young to embrace the faith of our God.  Only their birthmothers may enter them in the covenants where lawfully allowed.  (Updated 7-4-2011)

We Americans are born with only the wisdom of an infant to self-seek while blessing and protecting others, in particular those who are smaller than we.  We know nothing except by the Grace of God, the American People, and others at work both here and abroad.  Thank you all for free lawful speech!

                                        Thank you for visiting the website!

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